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CNS Project Consulting Inc provides project management consulting services to clients in the IT, education and Web3 industries. We offer clients customized solutions to meet their needs to plan, execute and deliver on projects within a program or larger portfolio. We offer bespoke training and learning products for clients seeking to improve their project management, product ownership and entrepreneurship knowledge.

Why Choose Us

CNS Project Consulting works with clients in a collaborative manner to help achieve project goals and outcomes. As projects are unique endeavors, so too are the solutions we provide to our clients. Utilizing our knowledge and experience, we provide:

An Individual Approach

The individual needs, goals and environmental factors facing each client is considered when designing bespoke project plans and solutions.

Modern Technologies and Tools

From leveraging the latest project and product management software applications to using relevant tools, CNS Project Consulting aims to deliver results to customers using first-in-class technologies and tools

Scalable Solutions

CNS Project Consulting works with clients to grow their businesses and operations. As such, the services and solutions we provide supports the work of our clients to strengthen and grow their programs, portfolios and operations.

Our Services

Project Planning

Planning for agile, waterfall and hybrid project delivery for both technical and business focused projects and Go-to-Market (GTM) planning

Stakeholder & Community Engagement Strategies

Development of strategies and tactics to keep your stakeholders and community members informed and engaged

Product & Project Roadmaps

Identification and prioritization of features and milestones for a product or project roadmap. Product launch and technical release planning and execution

Vendor Management Planning

Procurement and vendor management planning for projects and operational programs

Curriculum Development & Training

Creation of customized training and educational content for Higher Educational institutions and corporations


Coaching and mentoring for teams to build on their project management and product ownership knowledge and practices

Christina Sookram


With over 15 years of project management and teaching experience, Christina brings her love of project management, operations and learning to her clients. Innovative and collaborative, Christina established CNS Project Consulting to help organizations and individuals design, plan and execute on their ideas and vision for products and services in the IT, education and Web3 industries.


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